Meeting a Need

Established by leaders of Bermuda's insurance industry in 1996, BFIS is tasked with ensuring that Bermudian students are provided with opportunities to attain the education and training necessary for careers in Bermuda's insurance industry. This is being achieved through scholarships, mentoring, internships and career guidance.

Applying To College

UK College Admission Service (UCAS)UCAS is the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK.
College Board Online Services (SAT I info)
US Consulate in BermudaThe United States Consulate in Bermuda serves Americans living in and visiting Bermuda as well as Bermudians and foreign nationals who wish to visit the United States. The Consulate is located at 16 Middle Road in Devonshire. Appointments for consular services can be made on-line.
OPTOPT stands for Occupational Practical Training which means that if you are an international student studying in the USA, you can apply through your school for an OPT visa which allows you to work in the career you have been studying for, for one year.
UK feesBermudian students are treated as UK students for fee purposes when studying at Higher Education Institutions in the UK.