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Established by leaders of Bermuda's insurance industry in 1996, BFIS is tasked with ensuring that Bermudian students are provided with opportunities to attain the education and training necessary for careers in Bermuda's insurance industry. This is being achieved through scholarships, mentoring, internships and career guidance.

The BFIS Undergraduate Scholarships are open to students planning careers in Bermuda's insurance industry.
Application Deadlines: May 29
Preferred areas of study: Insurance, Risk Management, Finance, Economics, Actuarial Science, Math, Accounting, Corporate Law, Computer Science. Other majors relevant to the insurance sector may also be considered.
Up to 10 scholarships are offered each year to undergraduate students (Freshmen to Seniors) worth up to $25,000 for up to 2 years.
Applications only accepted through - Click here to go to the BFIS Undergraduate Scholarship listed on Be sure to also search on bermudascholarships for other BFIS 'named' Scholarships.

Scholarships are offered to students studying for Associates and Undergraduate degrees at Bermuda College.
Up to 2 scholarships are offered each year worth up to $10,000 a year for up to 2 years.
Open to Junior or Senior undergraduate students studying Risk Management & Insurance or Finance with Georgia State University
or Accounting and Business Management with Mount Saint Vincent University at Bermuda College.
Deadline: April 30
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Up to 2 scholarships are offered each year worth up to $5,000 a year for up to 2 years. Open to Freshman or Sophomore years.
Deadline: June 30
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Applications only accepted on-line through

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What BFIS requires from our scholars
UpdatesScholarship recipients must keep the Scholarship Committee informed of his/her progress by timely submission of grades or transcripts as issued at the end of each semester and such other written reports as may be requested from time to time.
ChangesThe Scholarship Committee must be notified ahead of time of any changes to the academic programme undertaken, or of any other occurrences or activities which materially alter the information presented in the scholarship application. Failure to comply may lead to suspension or forfeiture of the scholarship.
MentorBFIS Scholars will be assigned a mentor from within the insurance sector unless they already have one.
EventsBFIS Scholars are expected to attend BFIS events and to volunteer at career events.